Thursday, January 22, 2009

Challenge 1- The Cover

What is it about the Twilight books that engrosses you? For me, the immediate attraction Edward and Bella feel for one another is something only fiction can bring to life. The way they are drawn to one another is something I am jealous of. The seamlessly endless nights, the adoration, the innocence of "I love you and there is nothing you can do about it" is what capatured my imagination. I suppose it's a modern day Romeo and Juliet. Who can deny the passion of young love?

But if you step back and compare it to your own life and experiences, who is to say there isn't a little Twilight in all of us? At one point in time, our emotions overruled any sort of logical thinking. Somehow we can relate to the idea of the forbidden fruit. This blog is not meant to be a purely fanatical site dedicated to the characters or the book. Instead it is a dedication to how our own life, after close inspection, relates to the events, quotes, or ideology of the novels....even if it has a sort of "six degrees of separation" effect.

The first challenge is simple, a way to get you inspired for future prompts. Use the cover of Twilight for inspiration. It might be the colors, the image of the apple in hand, or the idea of forbidden fruit. With the right mind set, the possibilities are endless.

My first guest designer is someone I've been friends with via online for a number of years. Jenny Chesnick, aka Chez, is an amazing talent. Here is what her and I brought to the table:




  1. love these los ladies!!! this is a great starting off point for this challenge blog! and i can't wait to get started on my Twilight inspired creation.
    did i mention that i love it?...
    peace out.

  2. Jess, LOVE your LO girl! had a good time doing mine.......muah!

  3. Sweet!! Maybe this is the push I need to get a page done!

  4. This looks amazing...

    Can i ask - when is it due? How often will there be prompts? Do we just link to our blogs?
    I couldnt find a place where I could find out these things......
    cant wait to have a go!!
    Fantastic idea and sample LO's!

  5. This is soo much fun! Thanks for starting this blog! Love it.

  6. OMG! I am so excited about this. I was thinking just the other day that someone needed to start a challenge blog like this... :] I'm definitely in.

    <3 B

  7. I'm in - here's mine:

  8. Great layouts ladies! You have inspired me to do a page! Now to find some time. Thanks for starting this blog!

    Here is a mini Twilight book I made: (The book is the bottom picture)

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  11. Here's mine:

  12. Love your blog idea. Here's a layout I did when Breaking Dawn came out. Just thought you might like to see it but don't enter me in the RAK. Looking forward to future challenges.

  13. here are my 2 LOs: Thanks for coming up with this challenge.

  14. Here's my LO:

    Great challenge blog - can't wait for the next challenge....

    Thanks Karen

  15. Here is my layout on my blog I did it tonight so that I can get it in by the deadline!!!Thanks!

  16. Thank you so much for this challenge! I had an awesome time with it!!

    Here is my take on it!

    thanks again!