Monday, January 26, 2009

Sponsor for Challenge #1

When I decided to start this blog up, I went back and forth in mind whether or not I was going to offer prizes. Now I've finally made up my mind to do so. :) Well, as long as I have a sponsor that is! When you complete a challenge and post a link to your work in the comments section, your name will be entered for a RAK. Anyone can win! Pretty exciting.

And you know what is even MORE exciting?? Our first sponsor, ManHandled!

Emily Adams, with the help of her husband and cousin, customize amazing pin back buttons (or they can be magnets or even jewelry). Up for grabs is this 25 piece set inspired by the book Twilight! These are 1 inch metal campaign style button badges with pin backs. This set includes our original small Twilight set, Bella's Choice and 5 exclusive buttons.

Your submissions are due on Tuesday, February 3rd. The winner will be announced on the 4th, and a new challenge will be up on the 5th!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Challenge 1- The Cover

What is it about the Twilight books that engrosses you? For me, the immediate attraction Edward and Bella feel for one another is something only fiction can bring to life. The way they are drawn to one another is something I am jealous of. The seamlessly endless nights, the adoration, the innocence of "I love you and there is nothing you can do about it" is what capatured my imagination. I suppose it's a modern day Romeo and Juliet. Who can deny the passion of young love?

But if you step back and compare it to your own life and experiences, who is to say there isn't a little Twilight in all of us? At one point in time, our emotions overruled any sort of logical thinking. Somehow we can relate to the idea of the forbidden fruit. This blog is not meant to be a purely fanatical site dedicated to the characters or the book. Instead it is a dedication to how our own life, after close inspection, relates to the events, quotes, or ideology of the novels....even if it has a sort of "six degrees of separation" effect.

The first challenge is simple, a way to get you inspired for future prompts. Use the cover of Twilight for inspiration. It might be the colors, the image of the apple in hand, or the idea of forbidden fruit. With the right mind set, the possibilities are endless.

My first guest designer is someone I've been friends with via online for a number of years. Jenny Chesnick, aka Chez, is an amazing talent. Here is what her and I brought to the table:



Saturday, January 17, 2009

An Apple in Hand

After I finished listening to the Twilight Saga on audio, I have to admit I had withdrawals. Then I read the novels and then relistened to them so I could shut out the boring everyday tasks of life (like folding laundry, cooking, and cleaning). I could now envelope myself in a world of romance, charm, adventure and let's face it, Edward. ;)

My husband rarely complains about the headphones that have now become fused to my head, thank goodness for that. But despite knowing the books inside out, I'm still craving more. I'm not ready for it to be over. During my third round of the audio books, I found myself comparing my life to what Bella was experiencing. I started to think about my first car, where I went to highschool, and the first time I knew my husband was the one. The first time Josh told me he loved me and the way I felt, totally overcome with emotion, when my children were born.

And this is the catalyst of this blog.

What do you do when you have an apple in hand? Simply look at it and walk away? Take a bite, a mere sample? Or do you devour it, relish in it's flavor? I'm not quite ready to walk away. I hope you aren't either and will stay with me through this journey and exploration.

The first prompt is coming soon.